About Climate Dialogue

Established in 2020, Climate Dialogue Japan is a non-profit organization leveraging our expertise in communications to ensure climate change is addressed with the seriousness it warrants in both press coverage and public discourse.

We are a Japan representative of the Global Strategic Communications Council (GSCC), an international network of over 400 communications professionals across over 20 countries in the fields of climate, energy and nature.

Vision & Values

Our vision is a world with a safe and stable climate for current and future generations. We endeavor to put just, inclusive and equitable solutions to the planetary emergency at the core of political, social and economic discourse in order to make that happen.







Our objective is to foster informed public opinion by positioning climate change as a fundamental issue within political, economic, and social discourse, reflective of its significant implications. To this end, we are committed to using our communication expertise to disseminate information essential for societal change.

We work to identify gaps between the present and desired states in climate communication, and to employ the following strategic activities to bridge gaps.

Support strategic stakeholder communication across sectors and geographies, with an emphasis on collaboration with partners.

Provide the press and relevant stakeholders with comprehensive updates, foundational data, and expert insights on decarbonization initiatives across the globe

Furnish critical information and context necessary for key players across the political, corporate, financial, and other spheres to initiate meaningful action. By setting out steps essential to decarbonization and the consequences of inaction, we aim to drive societal transformation

Thematic areas of focus

Climate Science & Impacts

IPCC, health, carbon budgets, attribution, economic cost of inaction, and systemic shocks.

Energy Systems & Sectors

Phasing out coal, oil and gas; transitioning heavy industry; boosting renewable energy; and transport.

People & Communities

Mobilization, migration, human rights, and engaging new voices.

Economics & Finance

Debt reform, transition finance, public and private finance, and economics.

International Fora


We collaborate with GSCC experts across the world in the following areas:


Research and insight, horizon-scanning, strategy, and data analysis

Audience Insights

Polling, social listening, audience segmentation, and audience targeting


Online engagement and mobilization, content development, and organic and paid digital media

About GSCC

The Global Strategic Communications Council (GSCC) is an international collaborative network of communications professionals in the fields of climate, energy and nature. Our work aims at informing and strengthening media debate and public discourse at the global level and in major economies across Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia and the Americas on issues relating to the climate crisis. The GSCC has operated in Japan since 2016, with Climate Dialogue Japan established in 2020 as a Japan representative.

Our external partners

We work in collaboration with climate sector institutions across Japan and abroad, including the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), World Weather Attribution (for climate science and its impacts), as well as Carbon Tracker and EMBER (for energy systems).

Leadership team

Ayumi Goto

Board Director / GSCC Japan Director

Ayumi has long worked as an expert in the climate sector in Japan, with her career spanning positions at an environmental policy advocacy organization and a corporate alliance for decarbonization. She founded Climate Dialogue Japan and maintains leadership positions in GSCC and the International Climate Politics Hub.

Ami Torii

Senior Manager

With over 15 years of marketing experience, Ami’s work is grounded on a firm foundation in qualitative and quantitative market research. At CDJ, she marries audience insights with data to drive strategic climate and energy communications in Japan.

Tomomi Shibata

Senior Associate, Engagement

Tomomi has over 15 years of experience in news and documentaries focusing on peace, gender, the environment and social issues, which won her an award from the Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association in TV Liberal Arts Programming. She also worked in domestic and international media marketing for local governmental organizations.



Extreme Weather and Climate Change: An Analysis of Global News Coverage

This analysis compares media coverage of extreme weather events (extreme phenomena) and climate change. The analysis of differences in trends between Japan, the U.K., the U.S., and Germany, covering major news organizations, reveals that Japan has about one-third of the coverage linking extreme events to climate change.

Update: 2024/03/29

Reporting Extreme Weather and Climate Change: A Guide for Journalists

A Japanese-language guidebook for journalists reporting on extreme weather and climate change produced by World Weather Attribution, an international group of scientists that provides rapid analyses of the effects of climate change on extreme weather events around the world.

Update: 2022/XX/XX

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Organizational info


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